YUVIGI: “Thank you for the warm welcome last December and we can’t wait to see you again this year”

Yuvigi is a progressive metal band from Bulgaria. The band consists of Valentin Monovski (guitars), Iavor Pachovski (keyboards), Panayot Solakov (bass, lead vocals) and Spaz Genev (drums). They have released 2 full length albums ‘Grey Desert’ (2010), ‘From First Person Perspective’ (2012) and ‘Come What May’ (2014) – EP. Now, Yuvigi are working on their next studio album.
RF:  Hello guys, how are you? How is it going with your new album?

Spaz: It’s going great! We recorded three new songs this autumn, we shot a video for one of the songs which is due to come out any day now and we are focused on writing again. The grand idea is to have a third album by the end of the year.

RF: I would like us to talk about your whole career. When was the band founded and what is exactly your music style?

Valentin: The band exists under this name since 2002. However, it wasn’t until Spaz joined in 2006 that we really started performing and recording actively.

Spaz: Our music style is exactly that – our music style! Haha! All of us have our own influences and musical heroes, but we try to write music that comes naturally and we don’t follow a speciffic objective. We try to evaluate what we can do well and what we don’t and we try to avoid the latter.

RF: Are there any differences between your albums? Your sound, lyrics etc.

Spaz: The sound has changed for sure. Our first album was more than anything else a learning experience. That was material that was sitting around, waiting to be recorded for years and we were very happy to get it out of the way. Our second album came very shortly after that because we gathered momentum and we were eager to write new music. Our latest recordings have been done in a very different fashion – we record together as a band, where in the past we recorded instrument by instrument. Maybe the most important thing of all is that since ‘Grey desert’ to now, we have grown and we have learned to extract better sound from our instruments. Yes, now we have better gear, but as all we know – it’s not the guitar, it’s in the hands!

The topics we ‘explore’ in our lyrics tend to change, too. For example, ‘Grey Desert’ (our first album) was a concept piece with a rather social message, while the next one gravitated much more around personal experiences and emotions (hence, the name ‘From First Person Perspective’). I guess every album has its own sound, feeling and place in time, or at least this is the way it works for us. Same is with our latest EP and the current stuff we’re doing.

RF: What reviews did you get from the press?

Panayot: Ever since our first record was released, we’ve always got great reviews from the press. This was really important for us, especially in the beginning, to feel we were on the right track and above all – it helped us get more visibility on the local scene.

Iavor: The reviews were pretty good, indeed. Especially the ones we got from the foreign magazines and websites. Since our first two albums were with Bulgarian lyrics, basically almost all of the reviews stated that as a drawback, but they gave the music a great score, so that was one of the reasons we decided to make some songs in English and see how this goes.

RF: How does it feel for a band, based in Sofia, to play Progressive metal? Tell us more about the local scene.

Yuvigi_2Spaz: It is difficult, but I don’t think that is necessarily because we play progressive metal. I think we have good attendance on our gigs, very devoted fans even though they might not be thousands. We have a few good clubs on a very good level and more importantly we have many, many awesome bands that make great music!

Iavor: The local scene is great – there are a bunch of kick-ass bands in Bulgaria, most of them in Sofia. Few of the bands are really working hard to achieving some regional and even international success and recognition, which is good for the whole scene. Still, I think, the best way for the local bands to succeed can be if they work together, support each other and build their way through. Same goes for the bands in the whole region – the more the Balkan bands interact with each other and work along, the more they can achieve.

RF: Recently, you made a Balkan tour. Which cities did you visit? This was your first tour abroad?

Valentin: In the past, we have made several tours in Bulgaria, but this was our first tour outside Bulgaria. We are all very hyped while we were organizing it and we enjoyed it so much, because of the great new experiences along the way.

Spaz: We went to Nis in Serbia, Kumanovo in Macedonia (FYROM) and finally in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was very exciting! We met new people and got to play our music for them. We cannot wait to do it all over again!

RF: You also visited Thessaloniki playing at Inhale Exhale Metal Fest. What is your impression of your first live in Greece?

Spaz: Well, the friendliness of everyone sticks out of course! Everything seemed to be well organized and even though there weren’t many people there that night, we had a blast! Can’t wait to do it again this December!

RF: Please tell us one positive memory and one negative from your tour.

Valentin: Well, we faced more than a few difficulties at all the venues, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. The funniest issue was probably the premature demise of the sound system in the Macedonian club. We were sad that we couldn’t hear Drioma’s whole set, but we still managed to play and the vibe was awesome. We are usually good at turning negatives into positives. Getting the best out of a bad situation basically.

RF: What are your next plans?

Iavor: We are working hard on the new songs, as our plans are to finish the whole album this year, so probably we will deal with some studio work this summer and hopefully, when we come to Thessaloniki on December, we will have the new edition ready!

Panayot: And there’s a brand new video coming in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

RF: Thank you very much and we hope to see you again soon. Say some words to your fans in Greece.

Iavor: Support the local scene and ROCK ON, guys! See you soon!

Spaz: Thank you for the warm welcome last December and we can’t wait to see you again this year!

Panayot: Take care, guys! Don’t forget to check out our new stuff this May, and see you at Exhale Metal Fest 2017!

You can find Yuvigi:

Website: http://www.yuvigi.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yuvigi/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/yuvigi/featured


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