SEVI: «We are looking forward to see you Greece. We love you…»

SEVI were formed in January 2010 by Svetlana (SEVI) Bliznakova (singer and songwriter) and Rally Velinov (songwriter, bass player), who previously collaborated for some years on a number of solo projects. After some changes in the initial crew, the band hooked up with Dessy Markova (keys), Pavlin Ivanov (drums), Ilian Iliev(guitars).
RF: Hello Sevi, we are very happy to talk with you for many reasons. We like your music and…the time has come to see you live in Athens, Greece! How do you feel about it?

SEVI: We are very excited to meet the fans in Athens. We love Greece and we are looking forward to come. We will play with our colleagues and friends from Sunlight and InVain so I am sure it will be a great show. They are great musicians!

RF: First of all, tell us something about you. When was the band founded and what is your music style?

sevi_liveSEVI: We created the band in 2010 starting with original music and almost no covers in our setlist. We have never put any limits to our ideas and we have always tried to be trough to ourselves and our fans. We have many hard sounding tracks but also some very melodic and soft songs also. That’s why we used to call our style – Heart Rock as it comes from the heart 🙂

RF: Why did you choose the name “SEVI”? Is it something like a solo project?

SEVI: Sevi came as a nickname from my name Svetlana and then became also the name of the project.

RF: You are a well-known band in Bulgaria, but you have also played many shows abroad. Which countries have you visited?

SEVI: Well, we have been to Italy, Romania, Serbia and Greece (Orestiada and Asprovalta) We have made 3 European tours so far and the 4th one is coming this autumn hopefully.

RF: This will be the first time in Athens. What shall we expect from your show? Will you play songs from your whole career and some covers too?

sevi-fansSEVI: We will present our new album “The Battle Never Ends” and some hits from the first one “What lies beyond” We hope that the Greek public will enjoy our new material

RF: You’ve been around for 7 years now and you have a rich discography. Singles, two full length albums, an acoustic album and DVD etc. Tell us some details about your work. Are there any differences in your sound, compositions etc.?

SEVI: I think that we have changed a lot in the past years. Our new album for example is harder than the first one, more conceptual and mature. It is a natural process in the life a band, it’s gowning up 🙂 I am very happy that our fans like our new sound and that our new album was accepted very well in USA, Europe, South America and Australia.

RF: Have you signed with a record label or are the albums self-released?

SEVI: We are still unsigned and for now we feel good about it If we ever get a good proposal for a record deal we will think about it.

RF: You have many tour dates scheduled for the next months. In which places? Will you play in other greek cities too?

SEVI: Yes, we have a long list of tour dates coming up in Bulgaria and some dates in Italy and Slovenia in September. We are also waiting for confirmation about some gigs in Greek so we hope to see you again soon.

RF: When someone checks your biography, they see that you have opened for many great musicians such as Tom Keifer, Europe, Krokus etc. Tell us something about these concerts.

These are very special moments for every band. It’s amazing to be close to such artists. We are going to meet Europe again this year and open their concert  at Arena Armeec in couple of weeks and we are very excited about it. Then we will be on one stage with artists like Evanescence and W.A.S.P  We are looking forward!sevi-live

RF: What are your next plans? Maybe a new album or continuing the tour?

SEVI: We are working on a new material so we are going to surprise our fans with a new single very soon. We are also working on material for our next album.

RF: Thank you very much for your time. We wish you the best and we are waiting for you to rock us in Greece! Say some words to your fans in our country.

SEVI: We are looking forward to see you Greece. We love you and we hope we will have a great time together on 04th May!

Rock on!

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