Beyond The Existence – Alphastate & Kosmogonia live @ BUMS

SUNDAY 8 october Beyond The Existence will make another great presentation at BUMS (Blackbird Underground Music Stage)
Proudly supported by AlphaState & Kosmogonia

tickets: 6+beer | doors open: 8pm | show start: 8:30

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Beyond The Existence is a Greek atmospheric Death Metal band, founded in 2012 by the Lead/Singer Ikki(Ikaros Poimenidis) in the city of Thessaloniki
Beyond The Existence earliest releases were categorized as atmospheric
Death-Metal, Death/gothic metal, inspired by such acts like, Dark Tranquillity, The Duskfall. etc..

In 2013 with the release of their 1st Demo, they had a major shift in musical style, Changing many times their line-up, with the group acknowledging the growing influence of Melodic Death metal, Progressive / technical metal, Thrash / Death metal; they expanded their sound, which acquired
characteristics of Atmospheric Death Metal, With the aggressive guttural voices, mixed with technical riffs and strings/piano, and gained success and recognition beyond the European borders. countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, USA, Brazil and Japan

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