Bad Mary

Bad Mary (NY): Get Glitter Bomb out there on September 29!

RF: Hello Bad Mary, we are very happy to talk with you. How is it going with your new EP?

BM: It’s going really great! We’re super happy with how it came out. While we’re proud of all of our music, it’s cool when something new is released and we get to share it with everyone!

RF: I would like us to talk about your whole career. When was the band founded and what is exactly your music style?

BM: The band was founded in 2010, when we started as a cover band playing parties at our university. After about two years of playing covers we started writing our own music. We wrote a lot of punk rock style songs, based on our influences.

RF: Are there any differences between your albums? Your sound, lyrics etc.

amandaBM: On Better Days, our first album, we definitely were still trying to figure out who we were as a band. Our sounds has continued to be solidified over the next three releases, writing punk rock music that’s loud, fast, and fun. Our lyrics range from silly and wacky to tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

RF: Have you signed with a record label or are the albums self-released?

BM: Our music has all been self released!

RF: Recently, the fans in Greece had the chance to read our review for your new EP “Glitter Bomb”. What reviews did you get from the press?

BM: Since the EP is not officially out until September 29th, we are just starting to get reviews now, but so far it’s been really positive. One reviewer called it, “unbridled and fiercely enjoyable mischief.” and “insatiable pop, irritable punk rock, and ferocious rock ‘n’ roll rolled into a proposal which quite simply is the business.” So I guess he likes it!

RF: Why did you choose the name “Bad Mary”?

BM: It took a while! We were trying to figure out something that was quick, easy to remember, and had a punky edge to it. After months of deliberation, we chose Bad Mary, and it stuck!

RF: Tell us more about the local scene in New York.

BM: The scene in NY is good! Always a good place to hear new music. We’re building a great punk scene now, and it’s so cool to have such great shows with other bands that share our philosophy.


RF: Please tell us one positive memory and one negative from your tours

BM: Positive? Most recently we played a music festival in Pennsylvania called Musikfest, we were blown away at how amazing the show was! It was on a Wednesday evening and it was packed! We played on Main Street outside during a street fair! Amazing!!

Negative? Anytime you go to a venue and it’s empty. That’s true about home shows and tour shows. You always want an audience…It’s demoralizing to play to a very small group.

RF: What are your next plans?

BM: Get Glitter Bomb out there on September 29! Then continue to play festivals and start writing new music!!

RF: Thank you very much for your time.  Say some words to your fans in Greece.

Thank you Greece!! We’re glad you like the music! We hope to get to Greece some day and bring our NYC punk to you!!!

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